How we work

We focus on the people side of a solution and believe that simplicity is the key. We add structure and permanent value by educating our customers whilst being by their side.

Vluent works on the frontier of supply and demand.
By constant changes in circumstances the equilibrium in supply and demand constantly shifts. In a few basic steps we capture the movements that shake this delicate balance.
Our solutions help organisations gain more control and level/balance both elements.

How we work - DesignVluent focuses on the operational structure. How are resources organised and what performance triggers drives them. How scale-able are these resources. How measurable are the workloads.

How we work - BudgetVluents works with you to create the budget model that contains parameters that reflect the fluctuations in both supply and demand. The values for parameters are determined by historical patterns that overlaying with the impact of business drivers.

How we work - CapacityVluent helps you to create a capacity planning model with the same parameters as the budget model, but on a more detailed granularity. This allows to constantly measure up the operational performance to the budget targets. This ensures clear insight and control over the performance.

How we work - ScheduleVluent knows that the operational scheduling is like a complex puzzle with often endless possible variations. Based on business rules the best options are evaluated.

When it involves scheduling of people fairness, performance and personal preferences are secured without compromising demand driven requirement.

How we work - RealtimeRegardless of all previous efforts all forecasted parameters do not automatically align with reality. Together with our customers Vluent enables a continuous monitoring of key parameters to secure the desired equilibrium. Together with a defined reaction strategy matrix we drive quick reaction.

How we work - AnalyseAt the end of the cycle analysis of parameters is needed to understand and value events and trends. Vluent helps organisation to convert these insights to continuous improvement.

How we work - GoalsThe Vluent approach helps your organisation to be plannable and in control. The strategic goals are connected to the operational performance.

Insights from the analysis drive continuous improvement throughout the organisation.

Our Results

Customer Satisfaction, Employee Satisfaction, Operational Excellence, Performance Optimisation.

With our Workforce Management Solutions your organisation becomes more plannable, on top of that our solutions will enable you to get more insights on your business. These insights can be used to optimise handling processes but also to address optimisation in other areas of your organisation.

This is what we call the Vluent effect!